Can you tell me why l have been discharged from 3 waiting list since during COVID.

by Wendy Farish,

I have had my rheumatologist check up has been cancelled as l have waited over 18 months for a follow up appointment.

Then my respiratory clinic 6 month appointment never arrived so was discharged that was at least 18 month ago.

The next one was my 3 month follow up appointment was also discharged.

l know it has been a pressing time with COVID but it is wrong to discharge waiting list patients without being seen first as their situation may have changed.

It seems to me that to restart waiting lists you just discharge people who have been waiting a long time for follow up appointments don’t matter anymore.

l know l can go and see my GP and he will refer me but what about patients who don’t understand they can do that which is shocking.

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shohel 8 months ago
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Admin Commented Karen.Evans over 1 year ago
We are really sorry that your experience at our hospital wasn’t what you would expect and are very keen to learn more and respond directly to you. We would appreciate it if you could contact our Patient Relations team on 01539 716621 to allow us to carry out that work. Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.
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Ann over 1 year ago
Ann--- Despite Covid I think waiting over 12 weeks for a 'fast tract' consult is stretching it. Even then a phone call which ended with Consultant agreeing i need to be actually seen, and that was 4 weeks ago is a bit much. Hopefully when I do see someone my condition will not have worsened significantly to have caused serious problems.
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Jima1 over 1 year ago
Hello, I am a 79 years old male with multiple pathologies, including MS, heart arrhythmia and brittle asthma Type 2, GORD & COPD. Since 2016, I have been in inpatient at RLI about 8 times. Also been an outpatient at WGH. In recent months I have had a colonoscopy after the Bowel Cancer Screening Unit found blood in my stool. However, the colonoscopy copy provided I was cancer free. I was supposed to go into WGH yesterday for a gastroscopy, but had to cancel it as I had a severe asthma attack. I also have paroxysmal AF & AFib, which are controlled with drugs. I cannot than the doctors and nurses in A & E and in the wards I have been in for the standard of care I received. My thanks to all for keeping me alive. JImA1
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