Delays in essential clinics

by L.McH,
I found a lump, I rang my GP, I was seen the same day by a NP who wanted a doctor to have a look and she arranged an appointment for two days later. They referred me to gynaecology. Received a letter within a week saying if no one rings you with an appointment within 10 days ring up. No appointment came so I rang up. Was told no clinics were happening and to ring again at end of the month. Waited and rang again a month later. Same message but told not to ring again and would get to me when clinics resume. Still waiting to have my lump checked nearly 3 months later. Very worrying clinics are not taking place and worrying symptoms are not being speedily checked.
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Admin Commented Karen.Evans almost 2 years ago
We are really sorry that your experience at our hospital wasn’t what you would expect and are very keen to learn more and respond directly to you. We would appreciate it if you could contact our Patient Relations team on 01539 716621 to allow us to carry out that work. Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.
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