Pain Management / GP

by JRP,
During the pandemic, I have been fortunate to have maintain contact with the Pain Management team and my GP. I have managed to get the right help and support during a time were it had been hard to manage new and existing MSK and nerve related pain. Whilst its a completely different experience to do appointment via the telephone and not be able to do a face to face. The care and attention to detail has been to the usual standard ( exemplary) and I have spoken to my GP after 7pm when the support is key for care to be a success.

More community based advertise needs to be shared that hospital care and gp care should not be a scary experience just because we are in a pandemic. As a community we are key to make our Local NHs work well for us. To get this right thou the Local NHS need to keep the BHCP footprint community well informed and in a timely fashion.

More choice between telephone and video appts need to be made and patient choice allowed. I prefer to see more video appts myself , and the ability to share picture, letters and other items safe and securely with my clinicians. By me ( or the patient ) being allowed to send electronic files to clinicians it reduce the scanning and allows the patient to share relevant documents to their own patient records.

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